Beyond the design, there’s function..whether you’re looking to develop an online store, an online network or something completely different we can help in taking your project forward.

We build most sites on established content management systems (CMS) as standard. This leaves you with the flexibility of being able to update your own site yourself with no web programming knowledge. This also helps to keep the costs of updating your site low, negating the need for additional development costs when you wish to make routine content changes.

Beyond the basic CMS you may also be looking to achieve more complex site functionality, such as an online store or social network that performs a specific function beyond that of a standard website. This is where web development comes in.

In the past we have developed online stores, social networks, recruitment platforms and bespoke back-end functionality to perform specific functions for our clients.

We normally develop projects on well supported, well established development frameworks. Besides being far more cost effective than developing from scratch this development work flow also means that the end result is much more robust with a well proven footing.

We always aim to choose the most appropriate development platform for the project in hand, and will happily do our best to explain the reasoning behind specific platform choices should you desire any clarification, as well as being on hand to talk you through every step of the build.

Should you require ongoing site maintenance, we can offer services to cover this, these services typically cover core updates and more complex maintenance tasks, but if you lack the time for general updates, we can also put together a customised maintenance schedule to suit your requirements.

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