Designed to Inform

We happen to believe strongly in community engagement around these parts, whether that be online through social networks or offline in the real world. For a few years now we’ve been on the committee for a community youth project that brings together young people by harnessing the power of a local skate park and plenty of good music.

It just so happened that during one of these events I began talking to a representative of Stroud District Councils community safety team and discussed one or two projects.

The Community Safety department approached us with the objective of producing a booklet to help educate people in the local area about the distinction between the police, community wardens and PCSO’s. This booklet would also explain the work carried out by the people in each role and the ways in which they work together to help make the district a safer place.

The Design

Aside from maintaining the councils colour pallet we were largely given freedom in designing the booklet, this made us extremely happy, and we worked away to produce an ‘interlocking sweep’ design that would run throughout, symbolising interaction and engagement. The design was also constructed with a view to representing the sweeping hills of the Stroud Valleys.

The Content

Besides the introductions and explanations of the different roles in the district, in addition the booklet provided details of local support services and community groups. As a core element it also made good use of case studies, relating to different regions within the district, following the theme of “We Asked” – “You Said” – “We’ve Done”