In recent years social media has fast become the online marketing tool of choice and is arguably, now significantly more important than Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The rise of sites such as Facebook, Twitter and youtube has opened up a whole new plethora of marketing opportunities, through which your target markets can be reached and engaged.

Social media can now be used to engage customers, drive traffic to your site and ultimately convert leads, therefore your social media presence is an important marketing consideration for any business, and how a business portrays it’s brand and executes it’s branding in the social media landscape should be given careful consideration.

Aproco specialises in branding and design for social media platforms and we have experience developing informative, well executed Facebook pages that can be easily edited by the owner to update details of special offers and other information. We also have experience working on Facebook contests and competitions, and designing business identities for use with the Twitter platform.

We will gladly provide help and advice on managing your social media campaigns and offer a range of competitive social media design and development packages, including Facebook page creation, Twitter backgrounds, avatars and Twitter integration with your main website.

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