Recruitment by Design

We’ve been working with Bristol based PR Company Montage Communications for a little while now, and when they were tasked with developing the online strategy for Bristol recruitment company Lucy Bristow Appointments, Montage came to us and asked if we could exercise a little applied creativity from within our design department.

Lucy Bristow Appointments had just undergone a re-branding excercise, adopting a new pink and turquoise colour scheme, and wanted to expand on this branding with the design of their new website, so we set about determining what it was they were after, before coming up with some incredulous ideas.

The Design

During a consultation with Lucy Bristow and members of her team we discussed the objectives of the design and reviewed examples of the styles that they liked in existing media.
It soon became apparent that at the forefront of their design they wanted to reflect their Bristol location, and that they had an appreciation of well executed simplicity.

We therefore went back to our design desk and set about listing all things synonymous with Bristol.
The final shortlist came down to The Colston Tower (a landmark that can be seen from the offices at Lucy Bristow), Clifton Suspension Bridge & The S.S. Great Britain (Two of Brunel’s great triumphs), Concorde and finally Hot Air Balloons, whilst the latter two are irrefutably ‘Bristol’ we also like to think that they reflect Lucy bristow’s propensity to attract high flyers.

After making our list, we took Lucy’s nice new colour pallet and began to draw these landmarks using it. What we came up with was a simple, but effective, bi-colour representation of each landmark, that we then carefully arranged to construct a header image, providing an ident from which the rest of the site could grow.

Site Design

We continued the colourspace through to the rest of the site design, and paired it with darker key colours such as black, to maintain readability and usability for text content and menu items.

In designing the rest of the site, we went for a ‘soft edged’ approach that fitted well with the pastel colour pallet, we like to think that this makes for a friendly and engaging site.
Throughout the design process we kept high usability standards in mind and wanted to make sure that users could get to where they wanted to go as quickly and as easily as possible. In order to achieve this, we work on the principle of ‘functional simplicity’ this means that a site should only do what it needs to do and do this in the most straightforward way possible.

The Site Itself

After completion and approval of the site design elements we got down to the nuts and bolts, to begin building and adding some functionality, if you want to read about the build itself feel free to Click here