For the love of words

The idea behind headfullofwords was to produce a showcase for a creative writing project, that would put the focus on the words portrayed on the page and encourage users to explore the site beyond the first entry.

You can view the finished project here.

Conceptual delights

For this project, we sought to produce a fresh, original interface design concept based on the most traditional interface of them all – the book.

The left hand page of the book contains all navigational elements, and also elements of engagement including the latest posts, a search tab and a tag cloud, whilst the right hand page contains all post content, archives and the page content itself. Navigational arrows on the right hand page allow the sites content to be navigated page by page with a fading transition between each written piece.

This gives the feel of an e-book interface allowing visitors to navigate the sites content without having to leave the first page.

Outside of the book interface we also adopted a more conventional web site layout for individual posts. Here visitors are able to submit their own comments and engage in discussion over a particular piece of writing using the excellent Disqus comments system.