The beautiful basics

Fringe Benefits & La Bella Beauty is a hair and beauty specialist located on Southgate Street in the city of Gloucester.

In a drive to improve their online presence they asked us if we could suggest some ideas to increase the number of likes on their facebook page, and to improve awareness of their twitter account.

They also asked if we could help to streamline their existing email strategy, with a view to expanding their mailing list, and in turn, their reach through digital channels.

Ultimately the goal will be to increase business, particularly within the beauty side of the company which has recently taken on new staff to increase the number of services offered.

Facebook fan gating

In order to encourage visitors to Like the fringe benefits Facebook page, we adopted a technique known as a ‘fan gate’. Fan gating offers visitors an incentive to like a page, helping to maximise the number of likes and exposure for your business.

In this instance a branded landing page was used, encouraging visitors to like the page to keep up to date with the latest news, competitions and special offers.
Once liked, users are taken to a secondary page where they are able to join the fringe benefits mailing list, this secondary page can also be adapted in future to make announcements to those who have liked the page.

In the meantime this page aims to drive subscriptions to the company mailing list and traffic to their website.

You can view the facebook page here

A little integration

The client was also keen to increase awareness of their Twitter presence, so we suggested integrating their twitter account with their facebook account so that anything posted on twitter would also appear on the wall of their Facebook page.

We did things this way round for a number of reasons, firstly their Facebook page already had the largest captive audience and therefore this would maximise awareness of their twitter page, secondly, because twitter limits the length of messages, it made a lot more sense to post full twitter messages to facebook than to post truncated facebook messages to twitter.

Email branding

As a solution to improving the existing email strategy at Fringe Benefits & La Bella Beauty, we suggested the use of Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is an email management solution that would allow them to organise mailing lists and to send email to members of those lists quickly and easily.

As part of the email streamlining process we produced two branded email templates, these templates were branded to fit with the clients existing brand, and the two different templates allow for alternate configurations of message content.