The Design Objectives

Here at aproco you’ll often catch us deep in thought – in fact you could say that we’re prolific thinkers, particularly when it comes to the subjects of logic and consciousness, some would call it a passion, others an obsession but essentially it’s a good grounding for exceptional media interface design.

A few years ago we started thinking of ways to bring this passion for thought, particularly philosophy, to a wider audience, and subsequently conceived the idea of a philosophy specific social network / discussion forum, where people could ask anything at all and the community could provide philosophical answers to these questions.

We already had a fairly good idea of where we wanted to go with this, but we needed a name and a distinct brand so we set to work……….well, thinking!

The Name

The name qphia (pronounced – kyoo-fahy-ah) was actually a stroke of genius “if i do say so myself”, and has two distinct meanings.

Firstly – It is the Quest (q) for Philosophical (phi) Answers (a), and secondly we wanted to use the term ‘phia’ from the perspective that users ‘phia’ a question at the community.

We derived the name largely from a search of suitable dot com domains that were actually still available on the internet and based on the fact that we had, for some time, just thought that the letters q and p looked rather nice back to back.

The Logo

Holding in mind that q and p made a lovely couple, we retained this as the focus for the site logo and decided to form a logo made up of the qp device with the remainder of letters making up the complete name.

Now, we’re well aware of the old adage “Red and green should never be seen” (there’s also blue and green but we’re yet to flout that rule), however somehow red and green worked for qphia, and the qp sat well, adorned in their new colourspace without resembling a perpetual hint towards Christmas.

So there we have it, one logo, simple, effective and to the point, with lashings of deeper meaning.