The Brand

Well, what can we say? In a rush to think up a name for a web design company many moons ago we settled upon Aproimage, however, as things evolved we felt that it was time for a change of brand to fit with a more solid brand-focused approach.

To this end, Aproco was born, we chose a name that still maintained elements of our original identity in order to hold onto that hint of familiarity, and set about formulating a clean identity to go with the new name.

The Site

This identity was carried through onto the very site you see before you now, and will continue through to printed materials that are due to surface over the coming weeks.
The site has been created to take advantage of some nice little elements of code and is focused on good standards, that keep the code clean and help to ensure that everything degrades nicely in less capable browsers. If you’d like to get a feel for what we’ve done, please feel free to have a browse.

The Social

We felt that we should extend our site into the social sphere, so set about producing a fully branded micro-site for our Facebook page, you can view this here, so please feel free to like us. We then took our colour scheme and branding to our Twitter page to produce something pretty slick…and informative.

As for the project brief?…..Well, not so much a brief as a vision in this case and we have to say that we’re pretty pleased with the outcome!