Frank Brands

This project was involved working with Bristol branding and design experts Frank Brands. Having done a fantastic job as always, producing a clean, bright and informative web site design for Adams Foods, Frank Brands brought their design templates to us so that we could convert them into a fully functioning website.

Web Development

The site needed to be built on a Content Management System (CMS) so that content could be easily edited in house by the team at Adams Foods, and would contain a wealth of information about Adams foods as a company, its products, and available job vacancies.

We started by converting the graphical design elements into well constructed CSS templates, so that each page layout was ready to become a web page and form a functional web site.

The sites core development then included the addition of an option to upload news articles and job vacancies in PDF format so that they could easily be downloaded by users, and image fader elements that could be used as an illustration of the companies activities. The site features a relatively complex structure owing to the depth of information that needed to be included about its activities and individual brands, which include household names like Pilgrims Choice cheese and Kerrygold butter.

You can take a look at the finished site here.